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Research suggests

Arousal addiction is different to drug addiction, 1.   With arousal addiction – you want different. 2. With drug addiction – you want more, more of the same.

By - Dr. Philip Zimbardo on 'The Demise of Guys'.


Internet porn is killing our mens sexual performance

Survey by the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine, February 2011.

All addictive behaviours hacks and hijacks the brains reward center.  Too much dopamine can kick in a molecular switch called the delta-fosB and that starts to accumulate in the brains reward circuit. This can alter the brain and promote a cycle of binging and craving. Theses brain changes can be seen in all addicts.

Structural brain changes in the frontal cortex include - Numbed pleasure response, Hyper-reactivity to e.g. porn (everything else is boring), and willpower erosion.

It starts with lower reactions to porn sites (gradual desensitization), Then there is a general drop in libido, and in the end it may become impossible to get an erection.

 -        Dr Carlo Foresta, head of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine,     

 For porn addicts often the only thing that gets their attention is ED (erectile dysfunction).            


Porn induced symptoms (with or without addiction) for men or womenmay include - 

Erectile dysfunction


Delayed Ejaculation

Declining interest in real partners

Lethargy, lack of motivation

Lack of confidence

Escalation to porn that doesn't match original tastes or sexual orientation 

Concentration problems

Brain fog

Research has shown that recovery (from porn induced erectile dysfunction) can take longer for younger males than older males. The older male, approximately 35 upwards, were not exposed to the same instant availability and streaming of porn that the younger generation male is today. The brain is still going through developmental stages in the adolescent, teen and young male and this seems to be a factor in the recovery timing period. The older male who was not exposed to the instant streaming of images/porn movies that are freely available to younger males today recover from porn induced erectile dysfunction faster than their younger male counterparts. The recovery period for older males upon complete cessation of porn use is in the region of 2 - 4 months and the recovery for younger males is thought to be approximately 4 - 6 months. 

If you are viewing internet porn and you are experiencing erectile dysfunction with your partner this issue may be linked to using porn.  

For individuals erections may still be satisfactory viewing porn and with masturbation and a problem is not noticed until in a relationship or having sex with a partner. 

 A 2016 survey of 434 men who viewed porn at least once in the last 3 months had lower sexual satisfaction, poorer erectile function and a diminished desire for partners. 

Wéry, A.; Billieux, J. Online sexual activities: An exploratory study of problematic and non-problematic usage patterns in a sample of men. Comput. Hum. Behav. 2016, 56, 257–266. 


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